3D Ireland at work

3D Ireland is cutting edge technology partnership brought to reality with real 3D imagery. 3Direland.ie specialises in professional 3D photography. We produce three-dimensional photographs, and also have the expertise and technology to process images and graphics from 2D to 3D.

Adaptable and applicable to every industry, this unique, innovative use of technology is now made readily available in large and small runs, with the entire ranges of services from start to finish or as just part of a multimedia corporate programme.

Events, Venues, Attractions, Festivals, Brand Building, Cultural, Historical, Educational are all applications that can be showcased beautifully, in a superior, NEW medium – brought to you from 3D Ireland!

Old Beautiful Ireland

Explore our diverse ranges of beautiful events, venues, people and landscapes captured on DVD – for eternal viewing in live 3D – Jump In!

Enchanted Garden

Enchanted Garden is a magical 3D photo illustrated story about Eileen and Fionn - two beautiful children who during their play in the garden discover one of the biggest truths of life, that patience is a virtue.

3D Postcards

Tourist attractions such as the National Museum of Ireland, Warsaw Uprising Museum and Russborough Co. Wicklow are an example of 3D Ireland high profile clientele who currently have 3D Ireland postcards available to purchase in their gift shop. The shape and style of these products have potential to develop further products aligned with the DVD option within the postcard pack. Promotional items chosen would then be listed on covers.

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